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[REVIEW] Love Eco BEYOND Korean Skin Care.

Hi!~ 안녕! 안녕! 안녕!~
와아 오랜만이다. Finally i come back with new post, yidaee~.
But, this time i wanna review Korean Beauty Care.
You know lah, how pretty korean girls are. Korean girls look so perfect from head to toe, start from beauty natural hair, natural make up, glowing skin, milky white skin, slim body, owh my god... all of that's make me envy. Don't you envy with beauty korean girl?.
Okay, sometimes make up is important thing for a girl, like shadow, blush on, lipstick, powder, or whatever.
But you know guys, you have to smart for select beauty skin for your face. If you wrong, maybe you're skin will be damage. For example you got so many pimples in your face, or your face going to irritation, become to dry skin, and many more.
And don't forget, choose beauty skin which is use organic material and environment friendly, don't use skin care which is use excessive chemicals, and animals organ.

But, don't be worry, this skin care is really safe for us use, not chemicals excess, not animals organ, and not paraben added.
Whata skin care is that?.
Yup guys, It's BEYOND Skin Care.

Oh ya, you know what, Handsome Actor Kim Soo Hyun is a Brand Ambassador of BEYOND loh~.
Uwwaa you must be intrested to try this skin care because of him ya ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

Kim Soo Hyun said that "Save Animals Save Nature". 
And wait, i'll give you Kim Soo Hyun TVC from BEYOND before we go to review, WHAT KIND OF SKIN CARE THAT I CHOOSE FROM BEYOND xixi, let's check it.

Okay Now it's time to My Korean Beauty Haul from BEYOND!, yeayy!.
And yup 짱~

 ㅋㅋㅋ that's my shooping bag.

In my shooping bag there are;
1. Soothing Aloe mask For Acne Face
2. Mini mask for Panda eye
3. Patches for Nose Blackhead
4. Vitalizing Body Emulsion
5. Hand Cream
6. Healing Force Hair Scalp Serum.

Because of my acne, panda eye and nose blackhead problems, so i've choose that things, okay i'll explain one by one.

1. Face Mask
There's 3-gift mask set from beyond,
1st mask is Brightening Mask, it's for you that has dull face problems. And you know this 1st gift mask has contain Rice Bran which is make your face more bright.

2nd mask is Soothing Aloe Mask. Yup this mask that i choose, why?, because i has acne and sensitive skin problems, this mask have contain Aloe Vera which is make my face so soothe and calm.

and next,
3rd mask is Hydrating Mask, this mask for you who have dry face. Hyaluronic mask make you face so moist.

아 맞다 for you who loves traveling don't worry, there's 7 pack in every single gifts-box, so you can bring 1 or 2 pack in your bag, simple right. So you're face still fresh whenever you go traveling.

Next to Panda Eye. Yup i have eye problems too, because of my eye has minus problems, sometimes i wear eye glasses and sometimes i wear contact lens, or you know what guys, Panda eye will be apear if you haven't time for rest enough.

Eeheeyy if you have problems with nose blackheads like i do, don't worry because Beyond also have facial treatment for Nose Blackheads, here they are
 Simple, Easy and Mini package. Yup the package design of Panda Eye Patch and Blackhead Nose Patch make us easier to carry wherever we go. You can put in you're pocket, put in you're bag, or whatever you want.

Oh ya, if you have most activity indoor or air-coditioned room like i do, it must be make you're skin dried, and make you're skin uncomfort right. So you have to use Hand and Body lotion, of course you will be mind that hand body lotion have a big bottle and also so lazy to bring it on. Now you wrong, i was think like that before, 'till i found the Vitalizing Body Emulsion and Moisturizing Hand Cream by Beyond, The package of bottle make us easy to carry everywhere we go.
don't you believe it?, let's chek it...

See?, So simple right, not only that, but also scents of the hand cream and vitalizing body emulsion, so soft and fresh with orange and honey perfume.

The last Healing Force Hair Scalp Serum
I really loves die my hair and it's was make my hair damage, nah this Healing Force Hair Scalp Serum help me to treat ma hair. Healing Force Hair Scalp Serum has contains herbal organic Cantella and Sophora Extract which has benefit to give my hair nutrition, so that you're hair so shiny and also make your scalp more healty

After you look every package of BEYOND skin care, you must be said that, "wooaaa whata cute animals package". Okay i'll expalin a little, Why Beyond make design package with a cute animals?.
In every package of beyond was writen "Against Animal Test" and there's "X" symbol on Against Animal Test, yup that mean remaind us to save every kind of animals, all of animals on earth, extinct animals and the important thing Save Nature from chemical exces. If we use Excessive Chemicals and material which can't be Recycle, what will be happen, the earth will be destroyed and the animals will be extinct, so sad of course. So that's why Beyond make a cute animals design to remind us to take care of nature. Look!, whata kim soo hyun said...

Guys Beyond also have Philosophy, it called BEYOND ECO PHILOSOPHY. What's that?, Beyond Eco Philosophy contains about,
"Beyond believe that you are part of nature and can become more beautiful. The solution and wisedom beauty lies in nature.
Whit this belief, we respect "ECO VALUES" troughtout the entire of process of everything we do from ingredients, production, distri bution and disposal. Our Research into Eco Values, which we consider part of our know-how, enhances the value of true beauty".

Now don't you Understand how important to save earth, animals and nature. Let's Save Animals, Save Nature, and Save Our Earth.
 For more info you can visit the website .

나중에 보자.
See you on my next post 안녕히게세요.


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