Thursday, November 19, 2015

[REVIEW] Sally Hansen Nail Polish.

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Well, now i comeback with Review post. But first i'm so confused with what i have to write in this blog to make a Review post, ya you know guys i'm not a kinda profesional beauty blogger. Okay no matter what is it, at least i try to give my best to inform you guys about everything like travel inform, beauty review and many more, or sometimes i wrote on this blog about my personal story hihihiii.

You guys this time i'm going to Review Sally Hansen America's Nail Expert yyeeayyy.....

Not only Review about Sally Hansen Nail Polish but also i'm going to make a tutorial how to make your Nail look pretty   >.<.
Well you guys Sally Hansen Nail Polish is an America Product and the brand offers consumers solution for every nail care problem, and every menicure and pedicure need,with inovative products that incorporate the latest treatment technologies.
More than 100 types and color of  Nail Polish offer to us such as nail care make your nails look healty, 3D shine coat make you nails look glossy and like 3D shine, Nail Nutrition Make your nails full of nutrition that us nails need annnddd many more.

That's picture over are Nail Care and Nail color, now lets's see what's Sally Hansen Collor offer to us

Yup that's some color that Sally offer to us, actually so many color of Sally Hansen offer to us mmmm more than 150 color that Sally have and offer to us wwoooaahhh....,
You can choose what's color that you like the most.
Wait wait you guys Sally Hansen has so many Nails Sticker to make your nail lookin cute and unique

Well, you can create and mix match color that you like with all of  Sally Hansen Nail Polish, Sticker, 
3D Shine Gel, and Nail Salon Effect.

Now i'm going to mix and match Sally Hansen nail polish by my own style,
Hihi i'm so shy to tell you what did i made, wooaahhh i do nervous. Okay My nails art style called "Elegan Stripes Rose Gold", mmhhh i know i know it's look weird but at least it's my creation hahaa....
So let's see the tutorial
1. What you do are, you have to wash you nail and hand till it all clean don't forget make sure the inside part of nails all clean.

2. Choose nail polish 679 Pennies For Heaven Sally Hansen color.

3. Apply The nail polish softly and spread even your nail.

4. Than after you apply 679 Pennies For Heaven nail polish on your nail, now let's make the stripes with 210 White I Heart Nail Art Stripes, apply the nail polish and draw stripes vertical or you also can do horizontal stripes, whatever you want.
This nail art stripes are great for drawing fine lines and detail work, and precision fine tip brush gives maximum control, and it available in many color stripes.

5. Annnddd Yup here they are the final result.....

Look simple, but i think it's match with the sweet moment when your dating, and look elegant when you come to great moment, or formal moment.
The tutorial so easy right, but actually i just learn how to make some art on my nail with my own style given that i'm not a profesional nail artist hahaa, maybe next i'll try to make the expert ones ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Yup you guys it' my Review post and Nail Art tutorial.
How?, you wanna try another nail art by your own style, try to make it pretty girls. Maybe next i wanna make some expert nail art with many color, wait for the next tutorial guys.

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

My Giant K-Pop Haul!

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It's been 1 month ago since last time i post my morning routin in Singapore, and now i comeback with new post which is tell about My K-pop Haul yyeeayyy.

I'm so sory guys last month i didn't write anything on my blog because i've a lot of job and school schedules that i've to do, but don't worry, now i wanna tell you my K-pop stuff, but if you interest with it hahaa.....
Tbh i was bought a lot of k-pop stuff around 2 month ago, i've been wait that k-pop stuff till it come to me aakkk >,< , you know guys i can't wait any longer for it, cant'be patient to open the k-pop thingy that i ordered,
Any something that i can't wait the most, and it's INFINITE 5th Reality Album Special LIMITED EDITION yyeeaaayyyy, you know guys it's driving me crazy since i'm huge fan of INFINITE(but actually i'm so crazy with all of boyband and girlband korea ㅋㅋㅋ) .
Okay I wanna show you what i bought......

I bought a lot of k-pop stuff and i also got poster tube, since i bought to much stuff so i got a super duper hooper big package hahaa....

Let's see what inside...
i bought 14 korean albums and here they are...
1. Boys Republic 2nd Singel Album - Hello
2. Boys Republic 2nd Mini Album - Real Talk
3. BTOB Studio Album Vol.1 - Complete
4. BTOB Extended Play Mini Album Vol.6 - The Winter's Tale
5. Monsta-X 1st Mini Album - Trespass
6. Infinite Extended Play Mini Album vol.5 - Reality *Special Limited Edition
7. Got7 3rd Extended Play Mini Album - Just Right
8. Lovelyz 1st Repackage Girls Invasion - Hi~
9.Roy Kim 2nd Album - Home
10. Epik High Album Vol.8 - Shoebox
11. Oh My Girl 1st Mini Album - Oh My Girl
12. VIXX 5th Single Album - Boys Record
13. K.Will 6th Extended Play Mini Album - One Fine Day
14. EXO 2nd Album - Exodus

You know guys 1st time i opened the website i saw so many k-pop thingy, it feels like i want all of that k-pop stuff and i wanna make it mine.
"i wanna that one but i also wanna this one, i want that stuff but i also wanna this stuff, i wanna them all......", all of that make me confused with the awesome stuff, than i've hard time to choose all of that k-pop thingy. But my mom ask me to choose which k-pop stuff that i love the most.
There some k-pop stuff that must be completed, so i decided to choose some k-pop album which i haven't completed than i bought it because my mom make me did it even i want make them mine T_T.

I also got Poster Tube, and here they are.....
1. Infinite Extended Play Mini Album vol.5 - Reality *Special Limited Edition
2. Got7 3rd Extended Play Mini Album - Just Right
3. Roy Kim 2nd Album - Home
4. Boys Republic 2nd Mini Album - Real Talk
5. BTOB Extended Play Mini Album Vol.6 - The Winter's Tale
6. VIXX 5th Single Album - Boys Record

 Why only several poster that i got?, fyi not all albums have one package with poster, poster just be published for just limited stock, for example i really wanna get Monsta-X poster but i didn't get that poster. You know guys limited stock just for free, just like for the 1st reservation. If you wanna get free poster so you have to hurry buy that album before it's gone.
Got it >,<.

Oh guys i almost forgot to tell you where i bought these korean stuff, i bought korean stuff at KPopmart and KTOWN4U. Am i have to go to korea first to find that mart?, nope guys it just online shop which is you can found it the internet but it located in Korea. I more often buy kpop stuff in KTOWN4U. Here i give you the website click here for the KPopmart, and here for the KTOWN4U. are these korean album officialy original from Korea?, yupp, these k-pop stuff that they were offer to us are officially original, why because they were have a liciense. KPopmart and KTOWN4U also proudly present kpop album sales to HANTEO CHART daily basis so that sales reflects on weekly music chart in Korea. For the HANTEO CHART click here 

Bytheway what about the shipping?, dont worry, they can ship korea stuff that you order all around the world. Simple right!.

If you wanna see the awesome Poster and Albums that i ordered, you can visit my Youtube Channel with click My Channel Button on the top, or you can open the Youtube than search by my name "Lita Rachman", don't forget leave a comment and subscribe ya ㅋㅋㅋ.
Your comment give me more advice for a better me.
Oh one more, i will Unboxing all of albums that i have and ordered for you guys, wait on my Youtube Channel, i will unbox them all very soon.

Yup Guys That's all my kpop haul, Wait for the next Kpop Haul. 

Hope it Helps.
See You on my next post!
Byyeee gguuuyyyssss.....
안녕히가십시오, 나중에 보자 어! >,<