Thursday, May 12, 2016

#Fashion Ideas: Spring Fashion Inspire

Hi! Everyone...... 
Today i'm gonna make fashion inspire, since spring season almost end, so i think i still have chance to make a fashion spring, and i wanna show whata spring fashion be like.
You know guys spring season is kinda romantic season, if you strolling around some park in korea like Hanggang River Park, or Namsan Island or Like Jeju, yuuppp i like jeju Island, not only in korea but also like Germany, Japan and many more we can look so many fashion street, or some people called spring fashion,

And that's why i wanna show you what's spring Fashion be like.
Spring Fashion in Korea mostly girls wear something cute since spring is romantic season hehehee...

Okay i'll show you
Spring Fashion Inspire,
1st. I got insipire by Yoo Jiae Lovelyz, this fashion i called White Blossom look.
By wering A symmetric dress with black strip in the bottom make you look cute and femenin also make you look fresh, when you wear bright color in the spring season you will look like a pure love, i literally like this fashion inspire so much, this is so cute.....

2nd, Fashion Inspire by Yoona SNSD, Yoona onnie youre too cute to be true....ㅋㅋㅋ (i envy with her since he has inonsence face hehee). Okay i will give a review yoona fashion inspire. Beside Yoo Jiae Lovelyz fashion inspire, i also like yoona style, this style i called sporty blue in the spring, Whyy...?. Let me tell you, since spring season full of pink or white color or something like pastel color, than why you just give a little sporty color like light blue, denim, or black touch in the outer, you know this style still look a pretty sporty girl with a Pink Pastel American Appearel Tennis Skirt which is you can combine with the outer that i just tell you before with that sporty color.

3rd, Fashion Inspire by Jeong Eunji from Apink, you know eunji has been debut like 3 week ago, with Hoppefully Sky, i've watched the mv, than i thought eunji fashion look so mature and beautiful as a woman. With white blouse that eunji wore, long creamy sweater for outer and also jeans boot cut, make us look so beautiful and look so clasic. You know jeans with boot cut match with every single body shape, like thin and tall body, or fat body, or just like a proportional body. I think it's simple outfit right because you just need white blouse, creamy long sweater, and jeans with boot cut, easy but make you look mature and more beautiful as a woman.

4th, Fashion Inspired that i got by Park Chorong Apink, i called park chorong apink style is Red Cheerful Cute Fashion, i donno how to describe this fashion, it obviously look cute. Let me try to describe this fashion. I like creamy sweater with bowties in part of the collar and red flare skirt make you look like cheerful girl, you know this fashion make you totaly cute in the spring and make you diffrent with red skirt, and also bowties on part of collar make you more cute.

Yup that my fashion inspire review, wanna create something cute fashion in the spring season?, just share it and let's talk about the fashion since i love fashin so much.
Also i think i make a lot of mistake on my fashion review, well i'm not a pro guys, but i try to give my best to be better 화이팅 ㅋㅋㅋ......

Okay that's all guys, hope you enjoy, and hope you like it.
See youuu........
나중에 보자.......... >,<

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Simple Hair Tutorial For School X Stylerush

안녕 안녕 안녕 친구야.....
well hi! there, how's your day?, hope you're doing fine.

This time i have video about hair tutorial.
Tbh i can't make any video like make up cover video like pro youtuber as you know, so i decided to make video hair tutorial, since i'm not a pro, so please forgive me if i make a lot of mistake of my video, and please help me like give your comment about my video and any sugestion to make my video better, please please please i need your help, 나는 당신의 도움이 필요 >,<.

Have you ever got over sleep and you didn't notice that your alarm goes off?.
Actually i'm not a morning person and i can't wake up early morning eventhough i've been set my alarm (it's my bad habit, don't do that things guys hehee). I even didn't put any make up on my face and sometimes i also didn't brush my hair, i always being rude in the morning ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ, (aakk so embarrasing).

But sometimes guys i even wanna look cute or sweet eventhough it just a simple thing that i do on my head to toe, like make a hairdo or just put a little bit make up touch.
Cause i know, i can't put any make up on my face and i just use cushion and powder onto my face i decided to make a sweet hairdo, and it help you to look cute infront of your friends even you just put simple make up onto your face guys. It kinda natural sweet look be like.

I wanna give you suggestion if you are not a morning person like me, (don't be like me guys it's literally bad habit ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ).

I always use this hairdo to make my appearance more cute, natural and sweet, and also it's kinda quick hairdo.

1. Simple Hair Bun
This is very very simple hairdo, you no need a flat iron, or curls iron, you just need a hair rubber, and hair brush. How to make it?.
1. Twist your hair. (if you have thick hair, put your hair into a ponytail first)
2. wrap your hair into a circle shape
3. (just optional) add some cute bows or ribbon into your hair
4. Annddd vooiillaa enjoy the bun.....

2. Loose Waves Ponnytail
I like this ponytail, because the loose waves makes you look cute and sweet, and if you add some ribbon you look more cute with that ribon and fresh.
How to make Loose Waves Ponnytail?.
1.Prep the things to makes loose waves, 1,5 inch curling iron, rubber, cute ribbon, and hair brush
2. Make Loose Waves:
a. Separate amount of hair and brush it out once
b. Hold iron on a 45° angle down
c. Twirl your hair around iron away from your face, leave clamp open and hold the bottom 1/2 inch of hair in place
d. Hold for 10sec and let go
e. continue curling section, keep on going till all of you're hair set to loose waves
3. After you hair set to Loose Waves, put your hair into a ponytail
4. to make you hair look sweet some cute bows or ribbon into your hair
5. And done.... enjoy your simple Loose Waves Ponnytail.

3. Ponytail Hair Extension
Nah i will make this tutorial, if you want to know how to make Ponytail Hair Extension?,
just click start button on the video and let's started....

어때?, Hope it helps guys.....
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Thanks for visit my blog and watch my video, enjoy your day,
and bbyyeeeee....
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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

[REVIEW] Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion + Dream On Face Powder

안녕 아녕 아녕 친구들........,
Finally i can open my blog again, i missed my blog so much and miss you guys.
It's been 1 month since last post i upload about beauty review.
So happy i can open my blog again and write again. 
You know guys, sometimes i feel like no idea to write what i'm going to write in this blog, so i left my blog and my youtube channel till 1 month to get some idea ㅋㅋㅋㅋ >.<. so so sorry my blog and youtube channel.
And today i come back with new post yoohooo......

This post i'm going to talking about Beauty Review, and i will tell you some products from Etude House.
Okay you have to know that i'm not profesional writer or maybe beauty guide or maybe make up artist, or something like youtuber and blogger did, so guys please forgive me if i make a lot of mistake heheee.
Well i ever felt like my skin look dull and dry.
Talk about dull skin, maybe if you have dull skin and you wanna go to somewhere outhere like you wanna hang out with your friends, go to school, or kinda date with your boyfriend ehemm.... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ, you must be unconfident right, you feel like "well what's happen on my face, are my face look like a clown or something", and feel like uncomfortable.
Yuuppp i ever felt like that, when i go to somewhere with my ehemmm... boyfriend ㅋㅋㅋㅋ, and boyfriend said that "did you treat your face as well?, your face didn't like usualy".
And you know i felt embarrassed in front of my boyfriend, and i just said that "yup i almost have no time to treat my face as well because, i'm too busy with my campus", (actually i just put another reason to cover my lazy habit heheee).

After my boyfriend said like that, so i treat my face as well, eventhough it didn't measured heheheee, but at least i try to find a way to treat my face.
And finally i found cosmetics stuff which is would cover my dull skin and it's Etude House Magic Mineral Any Cushion.

But wait, i wanna give you a suggestion before you pick and buy cosmetics stuff.
1st, recognize your skin face.
Tbh i have a sensitive skin, so if i put any make up or cosmetics wrong, i will get a red spot on my face, itchy, more oily or maybe i will got a big pimple, eeuuhhh...., i don't wanna it happen on my face. So guys please just recognize your skin types 1st
2nd, Make sure what types of cosmetics do you need, and be careful to choose cosmetics stuff.
After you recognize your skin types, so you can lookin for some cosmetics that you need and match with your skin types, but before, you have to read the inggridients and what that cosmetics use to.

So simple to keep your face beautiful.

Okay back to the topic, the reason why i choose and buy Etude House Magic Mineral Any Cushion is match with my dull and sensitive skin.

And here they are, i choose peach ones...

Actually There's 3 types of this cushion
1. Pink: For Pale skin tone users to make vivid and lovely skin tone
2. Mint: For ruddy skin tone users to make natural and bright skin tone
3.Peach: For dark and dull skin tone users to make clera and bright skin tone

A multi color cushion soaked in fondation, it can be BB or CC cream too, housed in a chunky compact with second lidd or compartment for the puff and also to keep the foundation from drying.
Tbh i'm so lazy to put any make up or cream onto my face, but this Magic mineral any cushion help me to make my time shorter to use make up, just one minute to use this cushion and voiillaaa..... i love the result. So simple to use, and i don't have to use BB cream 1st and than put CC cream and than Foundation, ffiiuuhhh it just make me tired ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

There's 6 in 1 almighty cream foundation cushion: Mustirizing + Whitening + Anti Aging + Sunscreen (SPF50+/PA+++) + Foundation + Cooling.
So this is another reason why i love this cushion so much.

So what it does?.
To keep skin flawless, it cares each skin's weakness via multi color cushion with whitening effect.
Anddd... "Moisture-Lock Formula is applied to prevent getting dried, also Pearl mineral powder and Arbutin contained to keep skin clear and whitened, also Adenosine contained for anti wrinkle treatment.

I'm not only buy Magic Mineral Any Cushion, but also i buy Etude House Dream On Loose Powder.
Like i said before i have dull, dry, and sensitive skin, so i have to be careful to put any make up on my face.
Well why i choose Etude House Dream On Loose Powder?.....
You know guys, this powder contain hyaluronic acid and encapsul oil to make my skin more moisturize.
And yup i also love the result from this product.

Here they are Etude House Dream On Loose Powder.......

Not only make my skin so moist, but also it can be absorb oil excessive, and it cover my skin from UV light >.<.....

Oh ya i love this soft scent.
It literally recomended for you guys.
Bytheway there's 2 types of this powder. Color number #1 to make your skin look bright and number #2 to make your skin look natural.
So i choose color number #2, since my skin already white, i don't wanna choose bright color because it just make my skin tone really thick and it will look like a clown, than i decided to choose natural color.

This is important guys before you applied any make up on your face. noticed your skin tone. 
If you have brigth skin tone just make your make up naturall don't put more make up on your face, if it's not you can be a clown, and some people around you will look at you weird.
And as well as natural and dark skin tone, so becarefull to applied any make up guys.

Oh ya guys, if you want to know, are these product really pigmented or not?, or how to applied these product, you can check my Youtube Channel with searching my name Lita Rachman, or you just click here, and you guys don't forget to subscribe my channel laa.... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ >,<. 

That's all guys my Beauty Review about Etude House product.
Hope it helps and hope you enjoy.
bye byeeee.......
upss before you go i'll give you bonus, aannddd here they are,
그래거, 안녕 나중에 보자....

Friday, February 19, 2016

[REVIEW] Beyond 비욘드 Cosmetics Haul!

Hi! Hi! 안녕! Everyones.........
오랜만이에요 Woaahh long time no see, it's been one year, (i mean not too long hahaa),
yups it's been a while since last time i upload my old post on December 21 2015, and now i will upload my new post on February yyeaayy...... give me a claps (ups too much).
I'm so sory guys i just back to see my blog recently since i have no good condition on end of December till January. 
I got fever and it was like serious ill, not only that i have hard time to face any problems at my works and life, and also i got my GPA down huhuu T.T so sad. 
Ohh gosh how can i face all of my struggle, it's really hard to pass it.
Forget it a while, and now i just refresh my brain from that big problems ever, so i decided to go shopping, i was thinking what i'm going to buy when i went to supermall and....
I got so much cosmetics stuff from korea.... 
I'm so happy to see my shopping haul even it just a moment and than i've to get back to face my srtuggle in my life.
Back to the topic, now i wanna show you my Cosmetics Haul by Beyond 비욘드

Whooaa.... see see see 이건 누구야?, who is that?, who is on my hand?...
Yup yup he is Kim Soo Hyun woohhoooo.... #clapping
You guys, if you read my last post about Beyond Beauty Cosmetics, you must be know what kind of that cosmetics right, or maybe some of you have review this cosmetics and uploaded on you're blog or you're youtube channel or maybe you was made a make up cover tutorial use Beyond cosmetics.
Okay i will give an explain a little to you if you haven't read my last post about Beyond.

What is Beyond?...

Beyond cosmetics has a philoshpy and it called "BEYOND ECO PHILOSOPHY".
Beyond Eco Philosophy contains about,
"Beyond believe that you are part of nature and can become more beautiful. The solution and wisedom beauty lies in nature.
Whit this belief, we respect "ECO VALUES" troughtout the entire of process of everything we do from ingredients, production, distri bution and disposal. Our Research into Eco Values, which we consider part of our know-how, enhances the value of true beauty"

And now time to see my shopping bag!!...... yyeaahhh.....

1st. i got three pastel nail polish and i love kind of color and it was like soft color it's sweet color so i love the nail polish of beyond

Actually not only that color, you can choose so many color that you like because Beyond have so many nail polish pastel color to offer to you like pink soft, green soft, peach, and many more.
i just choose kinda purple color, mmhhh... wait it's kinda soft pink purple color right, ahh whatever i just call it that hahaa, and than i choose soft yellow and blue ones, because i like that color so much,
maybe later i will make a nail art tutorial and upload it on my blog or my youtube channel.
But before i upload it, i have to learn how to make a cute nail art tutorial, than i post it hahaa, if not, yaaa you know laa... it will be a mess tutorial ever since i'm not a pro beauty guide ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2nd. I got glitter or sparkle nail polish, yup i call it like that ㅋㅋㅋ

You know guys i got eye-cayching with this nail polish for the first time i visited beyond stand, i just went to nail spot and see them all, and i just be like "what is this? and how can i use this all?, than i decided to asked to shopkeeper to answer my courousity, and than you know guys?, the shopkeeper be like was hide her and his smile in front of me, and i think they just thought "whata silly girl you are, (i mean me), and they just said "okay okay if this your first time use this kind of nail polish, i will show you a little tutorial" and i just "what the... you think i'm boyish girl ever?", but i thought ya i'm kinda boyish girl hehee, okay i'm not a pro, i knew it.
So ya after i saw the tutorial it would be likee a sparkle on my nails and look glamour when i use this nail polish so bought it.

it's a gradation kit, so i will explain to you how to apply, that's a gradation kit and there's a three kind of gradation you can pick one than you just apply after you apply the main nail polish, wait till it dry than you can apply that gradation to make a glamour look on your nail, simple right hehee....

3rd. one set Petite Body
On petite body set, there's Refresh Body Shower and Refresh Body Lotion
Finally i found one set travel body kit yeaayyy.
This is have small packaging so easy you can bring that body kit when you go travelling for you who like travelling so much, you dont need so much space in youre back because it lookin small when you bring them all.
Scent?, so refreshing, the scent kinda like orange fresh or something like fruit, so i't will make your body so relaxing and refresh with that scent after you go somewhere.
you know guys i wanna smell it more and more i like thats scent.......

You can see under the bottle, there's a hole and you can row the bottle like lego.
How cute it is.... love it love it love it........

This is for The Refrehing Body Shower

This is for The Refreshing Body Lotion

And this is for The Petite Body Set, ya you know laa.....

4th. The God Patches Bye-Bye to nose Blachead
Okay this photo i got from last post about beyond. Yayayaa more and more i'm not a pro photograper ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
The package look like a animals and it was so cute, adorable baby animal.
What kind of animal that is?....
i don't know what's animal that is hahaaa, 난 바보야, do i look stupid hahaaaa.

5th. Soo Hyun Hydrogel Mask
so hard to me to pronounce "hydrogel".
You guys this mask for sensitive skin and give you mosturize for your dry skin.
actually i haven't try this mask but when i read the ingredients so far maybe it's fine to try this mask. And tbh i have a sensitive skin, so i try to smart to pick any cosmetics for my skin face, if i get wrong cosmetics than i get a worse skin face like pimple comin, red skin, and many more, hiii i don't wanna like that, so yup this is good and recomended mask i gues, and beside that there's Soo Hyun Sign and Soo Hyun Photo woohhooo.....

6th. Save Us! lip Gloss
I usualy use lip gloss when my lips getting dry, and this lip gloss so moist and it look pink pale color.
So natural when you use it and look so sweet when use the lip gloss for the date make up, i love the lip gloss so much.

7th. Last but no least i got so many sample of Beyond Cosmetics and it make me happy when i know that's free yyeeheeee woohhooo yyiippiieee yyiiiiddaaeee..... okay enough to much ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.
I forget to take a photo, because i take the photo in midle of night when i got insomnia hehee.

So that's all guys that what's on my shopping bag, so for further info you can visit my Youtube channel with searching by my name Lita Rachman, don't forget to give a thumbs up if you like it or thumbs down if you unlike, let's Subscribe it now if you haven't subscribe my channel and it's free to subscribe, and if you have any request or wanna ask about cosmetics or something let me know with leave comment and the comment box in any social media or my youtube.
And here they are my youtube video......

Hope you enjoy and see on my next video and post.