Thursday, December 17, 2015

K-pop: Infinite - 4th New Chalange Album.

안녕하세요 친구들!,
Hi! everyone~
Still in December and Christmast will be come verry soon, yyeeaayy........
How's your day 친구?, hope you'll doing fine .^_^. .
Since it December, so you must be felt cold is'n it, and i hope you didn't caught cold.
Bytheway  i just wanna share to all of you about snippet of Infinite - 4th New Chalange Album. I knew this is not Infinite album recently, but i just want to share to ya'all (k-popers especially) about this album, since i dunno what would i do with my k-pop album collection, so i decided to make an Unboxing album on my Youtube Channel. 

If you are curious how's the photobook and what's the inside so, i'll show you some snippet.
here they are.....

That is front look from the album, full of blue color, and logos of infinite look shiny.
It look more fresh and look cute for Infinite album.
So how's the inside?, kay let's go check it..... 

You can see the CD's and them all on the 1st page.
It kinda look fresh, adorable, cute. It more like the man who fall in love with the girls, and he'll doing cute things and look more spirit than usual, and maybe if that boy literally fall in love he always wear bright clothes or lookin more childish than before.
If you ever felt in love you must be ever feel like this, you can smile without any reason, back to school early just wanna give call to someone that you love, and more cheer ㅋㅋㅋㅋ, or something.
I admit that i ever felt like that, when i fall in love with someone, i always smile without any reason, and my mom ask to me with weird face and wonder why did i smile without reason.
I think it's so natural for every single person who fall in love ㅋㅋㅋ.

And that's another page that i show you from the Infinite Photobook.

Yup that's all some snippet that i show you, hope you like it, if you curious with another page of  Infinite Photobook or you wanna see another album that i unboxing, you can open my Youtube Channel HERE or you can click My Channel button on the top.
Okay i'll give you my Unboxing Video about Infinite - 4th New Challange Album and here it this....

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Oh ya bytheway if you heard something bad it just my voice heheee, i know i'm not a singer i just a bathroom singer, so i don't have sweet voice or good voice when i talk, so sorry heheee,
Hope you enjoy and like it ^_^
감사합니다 안녕
Byyyeeeeee, see you on my next post and video chu chu chu


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  2. Salut sama video yang kamu unggah dan kelancaran berbicaranya. Keren! Saya masih belum pede nih ngomong di depan video. Mati gaya!