Sunday, July 26, 2015

K-pop: Infinite - Destiny 2nd Single Unboxing Album.

안녕하세요 친구야!
와아아아!! 난 돌아와다......
Yidaee new post again, today i'm not posting kinda travel guide ㅋㅋㅋ but i wanna post my k-pop album collection.
Okay i'm literally exciting 'bout my first youtube channel bythewayㅋㅋㅋ.
Since i has so many k-pop album collection in my room and it kinda like my hobiies to collect them all, so i decided to make a youtube and unboxed to all of you guys who loves k-pop so crazy.

Just tell you a little bit, that i have a hard time when i made youtube channel, i don't know what i have to say, how to greet to viewers, i don't even know how to make viewers intresting with my channel and you might so bored when you watch my channel. But you know guys maybe day by day i learn form my experience to make a better videos on my youtube. Even i have so many struggle to make a video, i still give my best to viewers so viewers will be enjoy when ya'll watch my youtube.
And i would like to say so sorry to ya'll, i must be make a lot of mistake on my youtube videos and i know my videos have a lot of lack, so i literally need your support, just tell me honestly where's my mistake, like "oh i think your videos made me so bored, you have to blah blah blah......", or like "you have to make videos with a good quality, so it'll guarantee that your viewers had a good impression too", or kinda insane comment "your videos so bad", "i hate your unboxing videos not intresting than another unboxing videos", "your videos have no quality", or blah blah blah.......
For me your comment and your suggestion it'll be worth to me as a good input, also give feed back for better me in the making of videos. I know first time i made youtube videos i was felt literally intersting but then when i watch result by myself i feel i wanna put my hope for not make youtube videos anymore, but i wanna try again and again 'cause my parents said that "if i just put your hope and let your hope go, you don't know what will be happen next, also you don't know what will you get later". So i think my parents right, we can't get so many result from our work immediately but just step by step. We have to be patient to got a better result right.

Okay enough, oh my god why i so maudlin on my story ㅋㅋㅋ (>.<) aaakkkkk so embarrassing.
Bytheway i'll give you a snippet of my unboxing videos on my youtube channel,
and here we go.........

  and this is my bad unboxing videos, god my heart beating so fast,

I wanna say sorry once again if i make a lot of mistake, don't forget to comment as a feed back, go push the like and subscribe button, thank you for watching my videos and visit my page
and see you on my next post..............
나중에 보자,안녕!.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Singapore: Let's Play, Palawan Beach!!

안녕 친구들!,
Yup Sentosa Island again!!,
Who doesn't know Sentosa Island?
I think when i was go there, i feel like i'm in heaven. 'cause that place full of happiness.
No!!, too often i visited USS since i bought the anual pass ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. But i'm still wanna go there again and again hahaa #whatever.
This time i wanna show you place that you can visited besides USS at Sentosa Island.
Yiiddaaeee yups it's Palawan Beach.
i'm too busy with my campus in last semester and too fed-up with campus life, so i decided to go there for playing around. 

and yup here they are......

You can walking around the beach while you enjoy your day in Sentosa Island
And finally i'm arrived at Palawan beach yyiiddaaeee.....

time to playing with the sands on the beach........

Owwhh no my hair ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ,
winds on the beach would mess your hair

Actually you not only visited Palawan beach in Sentosa Island, but also you can visited Siloso beach and Tanjong beach.
You know guys, before i went there i was make a plan that i wanna surfing, swimming, and cross the bridge to go to palawan island.
But the fact, as you can see i'm not doing all of that things like i prepared before.
After i arrived in Palawan, i just be like oh myyyy ggooodddd i think the beach too deep for me to do swim, ooohhh mmyyyy ggggoooddd i think i can't surfing 'cause i'm too afraid of that,
ooohhh mmmyyyyyy ggggooooooddd i'm too scared cross the bridge but i wanna get there,
oooohhhhh mmmmmyyyyyy ggggooooddddd................,
#okaysory #ignoreitagain.

 Like a cat who afraid of water hahaaa.....

Fyi!, if you wanna explore every detail of  beach in Sentosa you can see and use the beach map as your guide which is you can get in Visitor Service at VivoCity 3rd Level.

If it's your first time to get there as a Tourist and you don't know how to get there don't worry, you can take the map after you arrived in Changi airport, and if you forget to take it, or you live in singapore indeed, you can use MRT which is towards to Harbourfront and follow the cricle line CC29 or north east line NE1 and boarding to Sentosa Express at VivoCity Lobby Level 3 and stop at the Beach Station, but if you wanna use another way to get Sentosa Island you can take a bus number 65, 93, 188, 855, 10, 30, 97, 100, 131, 143, and alight along Telok Blangah Road, from there you may either go to the 3rd level of VivoCity Mall and transfer to Sentosa Express stop at the Beach Station either.
But if you may leisurely you can walking around on the Sentosa Broadwalk. 
Me?, mmhhh...... for me just take MRT and transfer to the Sentosa Express, 'cause imposible to me to stroll down the Sentosa Broadwalk, i thing it would be a long long looonnggg trip if a take Sentosa Broadwalk, i can't imagine that how long i got thereㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

Look!!, what i wrote on beach sands.....

Yuuupppp i wrote my boyfriend name on the sands, here it this.....

my boyfriend is SUGA of BTS member ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
#okayignoreit #justwhishes #toomuch #alwaysfantasized.

Oh ya for Sentosa express admission you have to pay S$4 before you entered the gate, if you have an ez-link card like i do, just tap your card to entered the gate, make sure that your card have enough money, but if you don't have, you have to buy the tickets near the gate.
If you want to enjoy your trip and you wanna looking sentosa island from above you can take a cable car, but it would be expensive 'cause you have to pay more.
for the admission,
Adult : S$29
Child : S$18
Free for kids under 3 years.
After arrived at palawan you would found palawan map like this

and if you wanna go to palawan island over there, just take the bridge, and don't be like what i do xixiii

you can see the panorama from here either.

Yupp this is the end of my story at Sentosa Island ㅋㅋㅋ.
Hope you enjoy
안녕히가세요, 나중에 보자,
see you on my next post, xoxo,