Thursday, May 12, 2016

#Fashion Ideas: Spring Fashion Inspire

Hi! Everyone...... 
Today i'm gonna make fashion inspire, since spring season almost end, so i think i still have chance to make a fashion spring, and i wanna show whata spring fashion be like.
You know guys spring season is kinda romantic season, if you strolling around some park in korea like Hanggang River Park, or Namsan Island or Like Jeju, yuuppp i like jeju Island, not only in korea but also like Germany, Japan and many more we can look so many fashion street, or some people called spring fashion,

And that's why i wanna show you what's spring Fashion be like.
Spring Fashion in Korea mostly girls wear something cute since spring is romantic season hehehee...

Okay i'll show you
Spring Fashion Inspire,
1st. I got insipire by Yoo Jiae Lovelyz, this fashion i called White Blossom look.
By wering A symmetric dress with black strip in the bottom make you look cute and femenin also make you look fresh, when you wear bright color in the spring season you will look like a pure love, i literally like this fashion inspire so much, this is so cute.....

2nd, Fashion Inspire by Yoona SNSD, Yoona onnie youre too cute to be true....ㅋㅋㅋ (i envy with her since he has inonsence face hehee). Okay i will give a review yoona fashion inspire. Beside Yoo Jiae Lovelyz fashion inspire, i also like yoona style, this style i called sporty blue in the spring, Whyy...?. Let me tell you, since spring season full of pink or white color or something like pastel color, than why you just give a little sporty color like light blue, denim, or black touch in the outer, you know this style still look a pretty sporty girl with a Pink Pastel American Appearel Tennis Skirt which is you can combine with the outer that i just tell you before with that sporty color.

3rd, Fashion Inspire by Jeong Eunji from Apink, you know eunji has been debut like 3 week ago, with Hoppefully Sky, i've watched the mv, than i thought eunji fashion look so mature and beautiful as a woman. With white blouse that eunji wore, long creamy sweater for outer and also jeans boot cut, make us look so beautiful and look so clasic. You know jeans with boot cut match with every single body shape, like thin and tall body, or fat body, or just like a proportional body. I think it's simple outfit right because you just need white blouse, creamy long sweater, and jeans with boot cut, easy but make you look mature and more beautiful as a woman.

4th, Fashion Inspired that i got by Park Chorong Apink, i called park chorong apink style is Red Cheerful Cute Fashion, i donno how to describe this fashion, it obviously look cute. Let me try to describe this fashion. I like creamy sweater with bowties in part of the collar and red flare skirt make you look like cheerful girl, you know this fashion make you totaly cute in the spring and make you diffrent with red skirt, and also bowties on part of collar make you more cute.

Yup that my fashion inspire review, wanna create something cute fashion in the spring season?, just share it and let's talk about the fashion since i love fashin so much.
Also i think i make a lot of mistake on my fashion review, well i'm not a pro guys, but i try to give my best to be better 화이팅 ㅋㅋㅋ......

Okay that's all guys, hope you enjoy, and hope you like it.
See youuu........
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