Saturday, February 28, 2015

Officially Missing You~

안녕하세요 친구~


kkyyaaa missing they all 12 as a member so much hiks hiks >.<
can't believe that they all just 10 as a member of EXO now.
I can't move on from EXO 12,
till now i can't believe their just 10 now.

Luhan Kriss i miss you in EXO like used to be.

Miss you so much 니가 너무 보고싶어서

오빠 난 니가 좋아해
still love you 12 as member, missing you so much.

you know reality show EXO Showtime?,
i love that reality show so much,

i was watched 5 time, yyiiddaaeee
their so much fun in every single episode.

and 마지막 for bonus >.<

오빠 사랑해

For extra bonus i'll give you music video, chek this out.

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