Friday, February 19, 2016

[REVIEW] Beyond 비욘드 Cosmetics Haul!

Hi! Hi! 안녕! Everyones.........
오랜만이에요 Woaahh long time no see, it's been one year, (i mean not too long hahaa),
yups it's been a while since last time i upload my old post on December 21 2015, and now i will upload my new post on February yyeaayy...... give me a claps (ups too much).
I'm so sory guys i just back to see my blog recently since i have no good condition on end of December till January. 
I got fever and it was like serious ill, not only that i have hard time to face any problems at my works and life, and also i got my GPA down huhuu T.T so sad. 
Ohh gosh how can i face all of my struggle, it's really hard to pass it.
Forget it a while, and now i just refresh my brain from that big problems ever, so i decided to go shopping, i was thinking what i'm going to buy when i went to supermall and....
I got so much cosmetics stuff from korea.... 
I'm so happy to see my shopping haul even it just a moment and than i've to get back to face my srtuggle in my life.
Back to the topic, now i wanna show you my Cosmetics Haul by Beyond 비욘드

Whooaa.... see see see 이건 누구야?, who is that?, who is on my hand?...
Yup yup he is Kim Soo Hyun woohhoooo.... #clapping
You guys, if you read my last post about Beyond Beauty Cosmetics, you must be know what kind of that cosmetics right, or maybe some of you have review this cosmetics and uploaded on you're blog or you're youtube channel or maybe you was made a make up cover tutorial use Beyond cosmetics.
Okay i will give an explain a little to you if you haven't read my last post about Beyond.

What is Beyond?...

Beyond cosmetics has a philoshpy and it called "BEYOND ECO PHILOSOPHY".
Beyond Eco Philosophy contains about,
"Beyond believe that you are part of nature and can become more beautiful. The solution and wisedom beauty lies in nature.
Whit this belief, we respect "ECO VALUES" troughtout the entire of process of everything we do from ingredients, production, distri bution and disposal. Our Research into Eco Values, which we consider part of our know-how, enhances the value of true beauty"

And now time to see my shopping bag!!...... yyeaahhh.....

1st. i got three pastel nail polish and i love kind of color and it was like soft color it's sweet color so i love the nail polish of beyond

Actually not only that color, you can choose so many color that you like because Beyond have so many nail polish pastel color to offer to you like pink soft, green soft, peach, and many more.
i just choose kinda purple color, mmhhh... wait it's kinda soft pink purple color right, ahh whatever i just call it that hahaa, and than i choose soft yellow and blue ones, because i like that color so much,
maybe later i will make a nail art tutorial and upload it on my blog or my youtube channel.
But before i upload it, i have to learn how to make a cute nail art tutorial, than i post it hahaa, if not, yaaa you know laa... it will be a mess tutorial ever since i'm not a pro beauty guide ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2nd. I got glitter or sparkle nail polish, yup i call it like that ㅋㅋㅋ

You know guys i got eye-cayching with this nail polish for the first time i visited beyond stand, i just went to nail spot and see them all, and i just be like "what is this? and how can i use this all?, than i decided to asked to shopkeeper to answer my courousity, and than you know guys?, the shopkeeper be like was hide her and his smile in front of me, and i think they just thought "whata silly girl you are, (i mean me), and they just said "okay okay if this your first time use this kind of nail polish, i will show you a little tutorial" and i just "what the... you think i'm boyish girl ever?", but i thought ya i'm kinda boyish girl hehee, okay i'm not a pro, i knew it.
So ya after i saw the tutorial it would be likee a sparkle on my nails and look glamour when i use this nail polish so bought it.

it's a gradation kit, so i will explain to you how to apply, that's a gradation kit and there's a three kind of gradation you can pick one than you just apply after you apply the main nail polish, wait till it dry than you can apply that gradation to make a glamour look on your nail, simple right hehee....

3rd. one set Petite Body
On petite body set, there's Refresh Body Shower and Refresh Body Lotion
Finally i found one set travel body kit yeaayyy.
This is have small packaging so easy you can bring that body kit when you go travelling for you who like travelling so much, you dont need so much space in youre back because it lookin small when you bring them all.
Scent?, so refreshing, the scent kinda like orange fresh or something like fruit, so i't will make your body so relaxing and refresh with that scent after you go somewhere.
you know guys i wanna smell it more and more i like thats scent.......

You can see under the bottle, there's a hole and you can row the bottle like lego.
How cute it is.... love it love it love it........

This is for The Refrehing Body Shower

This is for The Refreshing Body Lotion

And this is for The Petite Body Set, ya you know laa.....

4th. The God Patches Bye-Bye to nose Blachead
Okay this photo i got from last post about beyond. Yayayaa more and more i'm not a pro photograper ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
The package look like a animals and it was so cute, adorable baby animal.
What kind of animal that is?....
i don't know what's animal that is hahaaa, 난 바보야, do i look stupid hahaaaa.

5th. Soo Hyun Hydrogel Mask
so hard to me to pronounce "hydrogel".
You guys this mask for sensitive skin and give you mosturize for your dry skin.
actually i haven't try this mask but when i read the ingredients so far maybe it's fine to try this mask. And tbh i have a sensitive skin, so i try to smart to pick any cosmetics for my skin face, if i get wrong cosmetics than i get a worse skin face like pimple comin, red skin, and many more, hiii i don't wanna like that, so yup this is good and recomended mask i gues, and beside that there's Soo Hyun Sign and Soo Hyun Photo woohhooo.....

6th. Save Us! lip Gloss
I usualy use lip gloss when my lips getting dry, and this lip gloss so moist and it look pink pale color.
So natural when you use it and look so sweet when use the lip gloss for the date make up, i love the lip gloss so much.

7th. Last but no least i got so many sample of Beyond Cosmetics and it make me happy when i know that's free yyeeheeee woohhooo yyiippiieee yyiiiiddaaeee..... okay enough to much ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.
I forget to take a photo, because i take the photo in midle of night when i got insomnia hehee.

So that's all guys that what's on my shopping bag, so for further info you can visit my Youtube channel with searching by my name Lita Rachman, don't forget to give a thumbs up if you like it or thumbs down if you unlike, let's Subscribe it now if you haven't subscribe my channel and it's free to subscribe, and if you have any request or wanna ask about cosmetics or something let me know with leave comment and the comment box in any social media or my youtube.
And here they are my youtube video......

Hope you enjoy and see on my next video and post.


  1. Like I said before, I don't really like cosmetics. I usually use moisturizer, powder , and lip ice. Sometimes I use baby powder, too, haha. I don't have others cosmetics. But every I read your blog post about cosmetics, I'm always excited, :))

  2. I love your blog layout!!!! Everything is so cute *.* First off the haul looks freaking amazing!!! I have been wanting to get that SooHyun mask since forever now just because he's on it hahah :) Awesome haul!


  3. Warna-warna kuteknya semuanya soft suka banget deh hihihi

  4. Fotomu disini malah lebih mirip eks T2 ya penyanyi wanita asal tanah air ini hihi