Tuesday, September 15, 2015

K-pop: BTOB - Beep Beep 4th Mini Album.

안녕하세요, 어떻게 지내세요?, 
갸아아 내 블로그를 그리워 ㅋㅋㅋ
Hi! you guys, hope you'll doing fine, it's been a month since i posted my article onto my blog about nail polish last time.
How's you August rekap?, so fine or you have hard time or something, but this month i hope you guys doing fine.

On August, i have hard time and so many problems came to me, like i got my school report bad, i got my score down, my job so mess, i hate my boss at work and i got pimple on my face, aaarrggg!!, my life so mess in this August, well it make me literally hate and bored, and hope this September i'll doing fine, hate Auguts on this year.

Well this time i wanna let you know that i got K-pop CD album. I have no idea that i have so many K-pop album on my cupboard. You know guys when my mom told me to cleaned up my cupboard and my K-pop stuff i found all of hidden K-pop stuff, and first time i found it all, i thing i'm crazy girl be like, i'm so happy, OMG!, i've been lookin around my house, where is my lost K-pop stuff gone?. you know first time i lost my k-pop stuff, i cant sleep, drinving me crazy, always thinking where's my kpop stuff lost?, also i cry like a babies, because i've been put aside my pocket money for a couple of month just for it. 

There's some K-pop albums that i rediscover, and yup this is the one of my K-pop albums which i lost it, here they are...........

 BTOB - Beep Beep 4th Mini Album....

Yiiddaaee..... this is the one of my precious thing that i have and finally this albums come to mom hugㅋㅋㅋ.
since i rediscover my kpop thingy and i'm so happy bout it, so i decided to give some snippet  about the album to y'all ㅋㅋㅋ >.<.

And this is the snippet......

And if you wanna see further more you can visit my Youtube channel Here or you can click the tab above.
Okay i give you some clue for the photobook, minhyuk dressed like a boss, he's more cute, sungjae dressed like a cool guy, he's so cool with the big motercycle ya you know lah~, and you have to see changsub, eunkwang, hyunsik, illhoon and the one and only my boyfriend ㅋㅋㅋ >.<  Peniel he's kind like cool and sweet boy with the....., ups secret hahaa,  you have to see on the Youtube channel about the Unboxing Okay!.

Yup that's all for the sinppet.
i need to listen the music from the albums while i look around BTOB photobook and you too, you should listen it, i'll guarante you'l be melt like i do hahaa ㅋㅋㅋ.

Okay enjoy your day and see you on my next post, bbbyyyeeeeee.......
안녕히 가세요.......


  1. Annyeong haseyo, haha tahunya cuma itu doang..

    Salah kenal ya kak, wah fans k-pop ternyata :))

  2. Duh bahasa inggris aja gk lancar, apalgi ada bahasa ginian ;", tapi salam kenal ya =))